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Wood Fibre Insulation

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Bullet Many health problems are closely related to the quality of our indoor air.

Bullet The majority of people spend about 90% of their lives in enclosed spaces.

Bullet The incidence of allergy related illnesses is increasing every year, particularly in children.

Bullet Selecting suitable construction materials is vital to improving the quality of our indoor air.


Why You Should Use Pavatex Wood Fibre Natural Insulation

Wood Fibre Insulation


Natural and Ecological Thermal Insulation

Wood fibre natural insulation from Pavatex provides a high level of thermal resistance in roofs, walls (both internally and externally), floors and attics to reduce heat loss and to save on energy costs. For our added health and well-being, wood fibre softboards are a totally natural, sustainable and eco-friendly product made from new timber off-cuts from local sawmills. Pavatex receive this material as chippings, splinters and slabs and then further process it to create wood fibre thermal insulation boards that form part of the ecological lifecycle.


There is no requirement to wear any protective clothing when installing Pavatex wood fibre boards. The Pavatex boards are manufactured using both the dry and wet processes, without the addition of any harmful toxins. Trees absorb and lock up carbon dioxide while growing and so will significantly help reduce our carbon emissions. This contrasts with most man-made insulation materials which produce carbon dioxide during the manufacturing process. Pavatex insulation boards are completely recyclable and compostable after their useful life.


Protection from Overheating in Summer

It is important that thermal insulation keeps buildings warm in the cold winter months but it is also important to keep buildings cooler during hot summer days. Contemporary buildings often have a lot of south facing glazing, which enable excess solar heat gain during summer, and attic spaces and timber frame buildings regularly overheat due to their lightweight construction. This excess heat can be stored in the wood fibre natural insulation boards for as much as 10 to 12 hours due to their excellent thermal mass properties.  This means that properties will be several degrees cooler in the summer than would be possible with lightweight insulation, which generally has a phase shift of only 5 to 8 hours. Wood fibre contributes to an ambient and comfortable temperature in the building all year round.


Acoustic Insulation

The high density of the Pavatex wood fibre natural insulation means that it is also very effective at reducing both airborne sound (e.g. talking, music, traffic noise) and impact sound (e.g. footstep, moving furniture, rain noise) through walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. Timber and metal frame buildings, in particular, as well as roofs are especially prone to external noise transmission from road noise, airplane noise and even rain hitting the roof. Pavatex wood fibre natural insulation will significantly reduce this noise and so will enhance our quality of life.


Thermal Bridging

Pavatex wood fibre natural insulation greatly reduces thermal bridging because the insulation boards are placed either side of the rafters or stud work rather than in between them, and so this eliminates a significant amount of heat being lost through the timber elements. The best possible solution is to externally insulate the structure so that the complete building is enclosed in insulation and thermal leakages through junctions are eliminated.


Breathable, Hygroscopic Insulation

Wood fibre natural insulation is a breathable, hygroscopic insulation material which is very important in any building because it absorbs the water vapour at a controlled rate and allows it to pass through the building so that it can evaporate.  This improves the air quality of the internal microclimate. Otherwise the vapour may become trapped within the building structure and cause condensation and mould problems which is bad for our health and may well cause damage to the building structure. Breathable or vapour-open insulation is particularly critical on the walls of historic or traditional buildings as these were designed to be totally breathable structures.


Fire Insulation

In the unlikely event of a fire, the wood fibre board surface chars and slows down the speed of the fire spreading through the structure – it has Class E flammability. This results in an above-standard fire resistance for the entire building structure when used alongside plasterboard. Pavatex wood fibre insulating boards release virtually no harmful emissions in the event of a fire.


No Harmful Emissions

It has been scientifically proven that the internal environment of a building is often polluted by emissions from the materials used in its construction. As an example products containing formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have been shown to emit higher emissions as temperature rises. As houses are mainly built or renovated in order to provide a comfortable and healthy living environment, natural building materials should be used in the construction, and Pavatex wood fibre insulation boards meet this requirement.


A Good Long Term Investment

Pavatex wood fibre natural insulation boards do not lose their insulation characteristics throughout their lifetime. Their special composition, high density and breathability are the reasons why they do not change their shape, and are therefore able to effectively insulate buildings for many years as they have been doing successfully throughout Europe for more than 80 years.




There are Pavatex wood fibre natural insulation stockists located throughout the UK and technical support is readily available both from our own helpful team and from our stockists. Wood fibre natural insulation is also available in Ireland. Contact us at Acara Concepts for more information.


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