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PhoneStar (previously branded as Phonewell) soundproofing board is a high performance, award winning, natural and toxic-free acoustic insulation product which significantly reduces both airborne and impact sound. | more

Wood Fibre Insulation

Wood Fibre Insulation

Pavatex wood fibre thermal insulation is a breathable, natural and ecological softboard which can be used externally or internally to effectively insulate walls, roofs and floors. It also improves the acoustic insulation. | more

Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics

Lignotrend acoustic absorption panels are made from solid timber slats with a wood fibre absorption backing so that they very effectively absorb reverberation and echo within a room to enhance speech clarity. | more

Soundproofing, Insulation & Room Acoustics | UK

Acara Concepts Ltd is a leading UK distributor of high quality and natural soundproofing materials, wood fibre thermal insulation products and room acoustics panels to the UK sustainable building industry. We believe there is a growing demand for high quality, ecological and natural insulation materials as architects and home owners realise that these products work much more effectively with building physics and with our climate, rather than working against it.


Wood Fibre Insulation in UK

We only supply insulation made from natural materials such as Pavatex wood fibre insulation as we believe there are many health benefits associated with using ecological and natural materials. These include the ability of trees to sequester carbon dioxide while they are growing, so our insulation materials will significantly reduce carbon emissions both in terms of the raw materials used and the significant reduction of heat loss from buildings. Pavatex wood fibre insulation is vapour-open or breathable, meaning that water, both in vapour and liquid forms, can easily pass through the building fabric where it can evaporate to the outside. The level of moisture must be controlled within the fabric of buildings and if it is allowed to build up it will cause mould growth which leads to wet rot, dry rot and health problems for the occupants. Pavatex wood fibre thermal insulation creates healthy buildings and to learn more about the benefits of using wood fibre sustainable insulation in UK, please visit our insulation page.


Acoustic Insulation in UK

Soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings is very effective when using PhoneStar sound insulation board; an adaptable, slim and easy to use acoustic insulation product. The high performance PhoneStar soundproofing board (previously known as Phonewell) surpasses the Building Regulations for Resistance to the Passage of Sound in the UK, when used as part of simple structures. Again, produced with eco-friendly, breathable and natural materials, the soundproof board provides excellent results for both airborne sound reduction (e.g. television, music and traffic noise) and impact sound reduction (e.g. footstep noise heard overhead). Please see our detailed information on soundproofing insulation in UK on


Room Acoustics in UK

Room acoustics are greatly enhanced with Lignotrend acoustic timber panels which create a quieter and more ambient environment by reducing reverberation and echo within a room. These contemporary room acoustics panels for walls and ceilings are very beneficial in large open-plan buildings such as schools, sports halls, restaurants and recording studios, as they make speech significantly clearer and greatly reduce background noise. The high quality LIGNO room acoustic panels are made with non-toxic materials – softwood timber slats with a wood fibre absorption backing – providing a sustainable and healthy ceiling or wall covering. For more information on our room acoustic panels in the UK, please visit


Acara Concepts Support Team in UK

Acara Concepts work with a number of thermal and sound insulation stockists throughout the UK, including London. We have a friendly technical support team who are happy to answer any queries from the general public, architects, building industry and of course our UK stockists. We offer specification advice, WUFI analysis and advice throughout the build process so you can rest assured that you will receive a friendly and professional service every step of the way.

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