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*Please Note: PhoneStar was previously branded as Phonewell

Soundproofing walls with PhoneStar has been simplified with this very effective, versatile and slim sound insulation board. The award winning and CE marked PhoneStar soundproofing material significantly reduces both airborne sound (e.g. talking, television, music noise) and structural sound (e.g. footstep noise, doors and drawers closing) through party walls or internal walls. PhoneStar is extremely popular for significantly reducing noise from noisy neighbours, from within one’s own home or workplace as well as for ensuring that a property meets Building Regulation requirements. Because PhoneStar is only 15mm thick, the complete finished system takes very little space off a room. The wall soundproofing system is easy to fit and full installation instructions are provided – see below. Please contact us if you would like a Soundproofing Installer to fit the system for you.


For added health and well-being benefits, PhoneStar acoustic insulation is made entirely from natural materials. It is ecological and vapour-open which means that condensation and humidity can pass through it without damaging its structure. PhoneStar soundproofing boards have excellent thermal mass properties, which means that they will store heat and then release it gradually as the room cools. This CE marked product has been rigorously tested both in terms of its acoustic performance as well as its structural capabilities and it has been approved for use in wall soundproofing projects, irrespective of whether they are of masonry or stud construction. It is ideal for new build, conversion, refurbishment and remedial soundproofing projects.



Soundproofing Direct to WallSoundproofing Decoupled WallsSoundproofing Decoupled Battened Wall




Soundproofing Timber or Steel Stud Walls

Soundproofing Direct to WallSoundproofing Decoupled Walls




There are various methods for wall soundproofing with PhoneStar and we would strongly recommend the Decoupled Wall methods which incorporate the use of resilient bars alongside the PhoneStar acoustic insulation boards to give excellent airborne noise reduction and structural noise reduction through walls. These resilient bars (and batten studs if using) decouple the wall from the PhoneStar sound proofing board and this reduces vibrations considerably. Acoustic plasterboard is then fitted over the PhoneStar sound attenuation material.


We only recommend Option 1 when a minimal sound insulation improvement is required or when space is really at a premium. We recommend Options 2 and 3 for very effective wall sound proofing in party walls between properties – please see PDF’s for expected wall soundproofing results.


When soundproofing walls please be aware that some structural noise (e.g. banging doors) can be very difficult to eliminate because the complete building structure is vibrating – not just the party wall. The best solution for this is to put foam strips around the inner door frame.