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Room Acoustics Treatment


Room Acoustics and Sound Absorption Panels from Lignotrend

Lignotrend LIGNO Acoustic Light sound absorption panels very successfully absorb and reduce reverberation and echo from within a room to create a much more ambient and stress-free environment. This makes speech significantly clearer and more intelligible and creates a quieter atmosphere within the space. Room acoustics are critical in many rooms with hard surfaces but particularly in classrooms (see room acoustics in schools), open-plan offices, theatres, conference rooms, sports halls, recording studios, auditoriums, restaurants and community halls (click here for more information on room acoustics in halls). The high quality, German made, LIGNO room acoustics panels are made from natural softwood timber slats with a wood fibre absorption backing and they offer a very contemporary and aesthetically pleasing finished solution. These natural panels are certified by ‘natureplus’ which confirms that the panels are ecological, sustainable and toxic-free so they provide a very healthy ceiling or wall covering as well as a reduction in stress from noisy backgrounds.


Benefits of LIGNO Acoustic Light Room Acoustics Panels


Bullet Lower reverberation time

Bullet Reduce background noise levels

Bullet Improve speech clarity and intelligibility

Bullet Improve sound quality and room acoustics

Bullet Breathable panels which can absorb water vapour

Bullet Will not warp over time due to cross laminated structure

Bullet Very high quality boards, resistant to impacts from ball games

Bullet Ecological and sustainable – ‘natureplus’ certified

Bullet Timeless appeal due to natural timber finish

Bullet Can be painted without any loss of acoustic absorption

Bullet Long-term performance and reliability

Bullet Choice of finished design and timber finishes

Room Acoustics Greenbox


These room acoustics panels are not soundproofing panels as they do not reduce noise between rooms – please see PhoneStar for this application, if required.


Reduction in Reverberation Time

Excessive reverberation is usually a problem in large rooms with hard surfaces where the sound waves bounce or reflect off all these surfaces and this can affect concentration and hearing ability. Sound absorption materials are used to reduce the reflection of this airborne noise so that the sound will die away quickly and not create long reverberation times or echoes within the enclosed space. Reverberation Time (T) is the length of time it takes for a sound event to become inaudible and it is measured in seconds. To achieve an ambient environment in rooms such as classrooms or conference rooms a reverberation time of less than 0.8 seconds is recommended and in areas such as offices, restaurants and lecture theatres a reverberation time of less than 1 second is recommended. LIGNO Acoustic Light panels can reduce the reverberation time to the required level, if the correct quantity of panels is installed and we will offer guidance on this.


Speech Intelligibility and Clarity

If very long reverberation times exist in a room, the sound quality will be extremely poor and the people in the room may not be able to clearly hear what the speaker is saying. This can lead to poor concentration which is particularly critical in learning environments. Also if there is excessive reverberation in rooms due to poor absorption, people tend to talk even louder in order to be heard which only exacerbates the situation. Correctly placed acoustic absorption material will ensure that the sound does not bounce all around the room, and that the audience will clearly be able to hear the speaker without the need for the speaker to raise his or her voice.


Improved Sound Quality for Music Rooms

The quality of sound produced in music studios, theatres and music halls depends on various acoustic factors including long reverberation times, early reflections and standing waves. Long reverberation times can produce harsh or distorted sound whereas short reverberation times can produce a flat sound, so a reverberation time of between 0.5 and 1 second is usually recommended. We can advise on the correct coverage and location of LIGNO Acoustic Light absorption panels to produce the correct reverberation time. Sound diffusion products are also required to resolve early reflections and standing waves. However LIGNO Acoustic Light panels do have some diffusion abilities due to the slightly roughened timber surface. The part of sound not absorbed is dispersed by diffusion, which supports an even distribution of sound in the interior space.


Reduction in Background Noise

When people congregate in large spaces with lots of hard surfaces there will be considerable noise created as the sound waves bounce off these surfaces and reflect back into the room creating echoes. This leads to a very noisy room, but this background noise can be absorbed by appropriately placed LIGNO Acoustic Light panels to create a more relaxing, calming atmosphere. This can often be a problem in restaurants when the background noise is very intrusive and diners cannot properly relax and enjoy their meal.


Natural and Ecological Sound Absorption Panels

Health aspects are a key priority for Lignotrend when producing the cross laminated timber elements. LIGNO Acoustic Light panels are ‘natureplus’ certified which means that the product far exceeds minimum European standards for construction products in terms of health, climate, environment and resource conservation and so they are truly ecological. The silver fir and spruce timber used comes from sustainably managed forests which are certified according to FSC or PEFC. The glue used for lamination is independently supervised by the German technical agency, TÜV, to ensure it is free of emissions and the wood fibre absorption material used is also certified by ‘natureplus’. Trees absorb and lock up carbon dioxide while growing and so will significantly help reduce our carbon emissions. This contrasts with most man-made materials which produce carbon dioxide during the manufacturing process.


Durable Product Suitable for Ball Games

The LIGNO Acoustic Light panels are usually installed on ceilings but in certain cases this may not be possible due to ceiling design etc so can be installed on walls instead. These panels have been tested to ensure that they are resistant to damage from the impact of balls during sports activities. The panels can be sanded or painted over time without affecting their absorption qualities because the wood fibre absorber backing will remain untouched.


Breathable, Hygroscopic Room Acoustics

The Lignotrend elements also help to regulate the interior atmosphere due to the intricate surface design on the natural timber and the wood fibre backing, which can absorb water vapour or humidity from within a room and release it again when the air gets too dry.


Fire Rating

The LIGNO Acoustic Light elements can optionally be impregnated with a fire retardant treatment in the factory which will give the panels a B-s2,d0 fire rating which is equivalent to Class O in the UK and Ireland, so will not pose a fire risk in the building.


A Good Long Term Investment

The LIGNO Acoustic Absorption Panels are manufactured using the cross laminated timber principle meaning they have maximum dimensional stability. These high quality panels will not warp over time and they can absorb water vapour from within a room without changing their shape. The elements can be sanded or painted if required, without affecting the absorption abilities. They can also be optionally treated with a non-toxic UV protection coating in the factory so that the timber elements will not naturally darken over time.


Lignotrend room acoustics panels are available directly from ourselves and we will offer technical support and advice. These panels are made to order. Contact us for more information.


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