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PhoneStar (previously branded as Phonewell) soundproofing board is an award winning, high performing, natural and toxic-free acoustic insulation product which significantly reduces both airborne and impact sound. | more

Wood Fibre Insulation

Wood Fibre Insulation

Pavatex wood fibre thermal insulation is a natural, vapour-open and ecological fibreboard which can be used externally or internally to effectively insulate walls, roofs and floors. It also enhances the acoustic insulation. | more

Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics

Lignotrend acoustic absorption panels are made from solid timber slats with a wood fibre absorption backing so that they very effectively absorb reverberation and echo within a room to enhance speech clarity. | more

Soundproofing, Insulation & Room Acoustics | Ireland

Acara Concepts Ltd is a leading Irish distributor of high quality and natural wood fibre thermal insulation products, soundproofing materials and room acoustic absorption panels to the sustainable building industry throughout Ireland.


 Wood Fibre Insulation in Ireland

We only supply insulation products made from eco-friendly and natural materials such as our wood fibre insulation range from Pavatex, which incorporates wall insulation, roof insulation, attic insulation and floor insulation products. Using natural materials throughout your home or business provides many health benefits as well as preventing significant heat loss. Pavatex wood fibre insulation is breathable or vapour-open, meaning that water, both in vapour and liquid forms, can easily pass through the building fabric where it can evaporate to the outside. This keeps the building structure dry and therefore eliminates the possibility of mould growth, wet rot and dry rot which are very unhealthy for both the building and its occupants. For more information regarding our Pavatex wood fibre insulation in Ireland, please visit our insulation page.


Acoustic Insulation in Ireland

PhoneStar sound insulation boards (previously known as Phonewell) have made soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings throughout Ireland very achievable, with excellent results. Produced only using natural materials, the 15mm thick soundproof board greatly reduces both airborne sound such as television and music noise, and impact sound such as footstep and dragging furniture noise heard overhead. PhoneStar soundproofing board exceeds the Building Regulations as specified in Technical Guidance Document E for Sound in Ireland when used as part of simple systems. For more information on PhoneStar acoustic insulation in Ireland please visit our soundproofing page.


Room Acoustics in Ireland

Room acoustics are very beneficial particularly in large open spaces with hard surfaces, where noise tends to reverberate and echo around the room, so that speech becomes un-intelligible. When Lignotrend acoustic absorption panels are installed on the walls or ceilings of buildings such as schools, sports halls and open-plan offices, speech becomes much clearer and background noise is significantly reduced. This greatly reduces stress and creates an ambient environment. The high quality and aesthetically pleasing LIGNO acoustic panels are natureplus certified and are made from natural timber slats with a wood fibre absorption layer at the back. Please visit our room acoustics page for more information on using natural timber room acoustics panels in Ireland.


Acara Concepts Support Team in Ireland

All of our products are available from stockists throughout Ireland, including Dublin. We have a friendly technical support team who are happy to answer any queries from the general public, building industry, architects and of course our Irish stockists. We offer specification advice, WUFI analysis and advice throughout the build so you can rest assured that you will receive a friendly and professional service throughout the whole process.

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